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Hafriyat Art Group’s invitational poster exhibition: 'Sense of Fear' throughout the history of mankind. Fear of god and conscience


Grafik Tasarım magazine published a review about this exhibition:

Forgetting about the subject of exibition and that you are a participant of this exhibition, can you tell us your objective feelings about the exhibition as if you were an outsider?
   Well, we all know that it doesn’t matter whether a person is educated or uneducated, if you give him free rein anything can happen. As we have seen in the middle of the past century, civilization was responsible for the light-bulb, aspirin, and World War Two (where over 50 million people met their deaths). In our own lifetime we have seen control over others, and thus, bringing everyone into line. A sense of domestication over everything has been bred into us and censorship of the natural has become the norm. However, those who implement that control have been unable to control their own savage side, to the extent that they have iconized that wild aspect. Wildness and violence have become objects of lust. The control mechanisms that run through society from top to bottom have become redundant. Those control mechanisms -such as religion, government, the law, religious communities, father, husband- were aimed at preventing us from attempting anti-social deeds, and thus giving us a sense of order. This order has unfortunately transformed itself into a “power/owner” sort of relationship. This fear-based ‘power’ concept has created a form of ‘love and hate’ relationship within society. The subject of this exhibition, “The fear of God and conscience / The feeling of fear through the history of mankind”, is a concept that I have dwelled on a lot over the years and I confront it on many occasions nowadays.

Mehmet Ali Türkmen, 
Grafik Tasarım magazine, issue 15
December 2007


From a review published in the Express magazine about this exibition:

What thoughts went through in your mind when you were invited to take part in the exhibition, ‘Fear of God’?
   It can’t be healthy for us to love and worship an entity that possesses us through fear and threat but as it is, most of our dealings in life are based on fear. Life is like following a map that we have been given by the powers that control us and when we stray from that map, we find ourselves to be lost in unknown territory. As a result, we feel relaxed and reassured trust when “an entity is watching over us”. That entity prevents us from becoming savage and gives us peace. But, as we can see from all the blood letting and strife surrounding us, this system isn’t working. Using fear doesn’t work either… 
   After long analysis and brain-storming I felt fairly miserable with this concept, and I decided to concentrate on this idea of “being watched by” and “being prevented from becoming savage through conscience” and the results of this can be felt in my work.

Mehmet Ali Türkmen, 
Express magazine
December 2007

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